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Being constipated simply means there is difficulty in your bowel movements.  This may happen when you don’t take enough fibre-rich food like fruits and vegetables. Though other over- the counter remedies may work, but trying coconut oil for constipation is the best option for significant positive changes in your digestive system.

Remember, the normal duration of bowel movements varies widely from one individual to another. Some individuals may have bowel movements, at least, three times a day and others may not. Going longer than four days without bowel movements is too long, and your stool may become too hard and tougher to pass. This is not a good health condition, and you should consider dealing with it as early as possible.

I would not wish that you fall in the pit I described in the previous paragraph. In this document, I will clearly explain how to use coconut oil for constipation and its benefits. But before we get to that, I would wish to take you through causes and symptoms of constipation.

Do you know what causes constipation?

Some of your daily practices may seem simple but maybe a major cause of constipation. Below are some of the practices that may result in constipation.
•    Taking a lot of antacid drugs which contain aluminium or calcium
•    Resisting or postponing the urge to have bowel movements. Please avoid this.
•    Being pregnant can also cause difficulties in your bowel movements
•    Stress can also be an obstacle to your bowel movements
•    Consuming too much dairy products
•    Suffering from colon cancer may be one of the reasons you have constipation problems
•    Lack of water in your diet or being inactive for a long time may also cause constipation

Sometimes you may be suffering from constipation without knowledge.

In such cases, you may start worrying about suffering from other major health conditions but not the real case. If you want to know you are constipating or not, watch for these symptoms.
•    You may experience a few bowel movements than usual
•    Having big trouble or straining during bowel movements
•    You may notice your stool is hard. Sometimes, it may be small and hard
•    During bowel movements, you have a feeling that everything did not come out
•    The swollen abdomen may also be another sign of constipation. Sometimes, you may also experience abdominal pain
•    Vomiting.

Virgin coconut oil for constipation problems has proved to work for centuries.  Though there are wide varieties of constipation remedies out there, none works well like coconut oil. It is a constipation remedy that is natural and very effective with no side effects. Give it a try my good friend!

Please don’t doubt that coconut oil can relieve constipation. It is an effective cure for constipation because it has fibre that is essential in fighting and preventing constipation. It also cleanses your colon very well, and this ensures there are minimal chances that the constipation condition you are going through may not persist.
Believe me, coconut oil boosts your body metabolism rate, and this ensures that your system is efficient in breaking down food. This results in increased frequency of bowel movements and constipation end up staying a thousand miles away from you.

Coconut oil purges strengthen and ensure proper repair of your entire digestive system including your colon. It ensures a balanced stomach PH and helps in improving the tone of your intestinal muscles. Where else can you get such anti-constipation properties apart from coconut oil?

As said earlier, incorporating coconut oil into your diet, may relief your bowel movements difficulties. Here is step by step guide on how to use coconut oil for constipation for best results in your fight against constipation.

  1. First, measure one teaspoonful of coconut oil and add it to a glass full of juice. Stir to ensure that the contents are uniformly mixed.  Then, drink the entire contents of the glass.  Remember to pick pure and 100% natural juice with less sugar. You may also consider including coconut oil in your cooking.
  2. Here is the second step; repeat step one three to four times a day. Very simple! Remember to be consistent and patient. Give coconut oil time to express its ability in curing constipation. Within a day, you will join me in praising coconut oil for constipation and referring all your friends to this natural oil.
  3. The third step; consider increasing your daily dose by the ½ teaspoonful.  The gradual increase of the dosage gives your body time to adjust. Please do not take a jar full of coconut oil because you want to heal faster. Ensure you take the right dosage.

The last step in using coconut oil for constipation is avoiding processed foods. Are you surprised? Please don’t be.  Pressed foods increase chances of constipating and that is the main reason I emphasize that you should drop them. Otherwise, the desired results may not show up.

Coconut oil does not only help you relieve constipation but also helps you to lose weight and makes you become healthier and acquire more energy. It has all the good nutrients your body needs for increased metabolism and general health.

Using coconut oil for constipation is safe. This oil does not result in body fat like other oils. Instead, it helps your body reduce cholesterol. Though you may use coconut oil for constipation relief, all these benefits will follow you.

If you are constipating, please don’t hesitate in using coconut oil for constipation daily. Coconut oil has proved to be one of the healthiest oils on earth. You may consider replacing your normal cooking oil with coconut oil. This way, you will never experience constipation after consuming food from your kitchen. If you want your internal food grinding machine to work non-stop and efficiently, supplement your daily diet with coconut oil and stay away from this uncomfortable condition known as constipation.

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