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Negative stigma has long suffered by cooking oil from coconut or coconut oil, since the 60′s era. So since then, the world’s coconut oil hegemony shifted to coconut oil. Many health experts suspect, because of the war business, so if want to take the market of coconut oil in Indonesia, the main competitor to be shifted, if necessary, be killed by all sorts of ways.

They slander cholesterol saturated with oil, or if the name of oil-saturated coconut oil definitely cholesterol. In fact, the opposite. Precisely as coconut oil left, there appeared a variety of diseases, once rarely encountered, now it is a daily news diet. Diabetes, high cholesterol, stroke, gout, cancer.

Why is that? It turned out that by consuming coconut cooking oil, it makes us healthier. Oil medium-chain saturated C12 H15 OH or CH3 (CH2) 10 COOH is easily absorbed by our body’s metabolic system, it has a myriad of benefits, its main benefit is actually curing high cholesterol.

TK Ng, a researcher from the Division of Human Nutrition, Institute for Medical Research, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, advocated for pure coconut oil receipts. The exhortation is not without reason. In 1991, he conducted a study of 61 men and 22 women aged 30-40 years. They were divided into 3 groups.

• Group I: was given intake of coconut oil-palm oil-coconut oil;

• Group II: coconut oil-corn oil – coconut oil;

• Group III: coconut oil – coconut oil – coconut oil,

In the third period of administration for 15 weeks. As a result, it is known that consuming coconut oil have the highest increase of 17% total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol ratio of 21.4% and a decrease in LDL / HDL 3.6%.

According to Prof. Dr Budhi Setiantio, SpJP (K), National Heart Center cardiologist Slipi, an increase in HDL is a positive number. “HDL is good cholesterol,” he said. He scrapes the fat attached to the walls of blood vessels. He scrapes the fat attached to the walls of blood vessels

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