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Constipation is a problem that affects us all from time to time but we do not want to talk about it openly because, after all, it is a little embarrassing, to say the least. You cannot casually bring up the state of your bowels in conversation the same way you might bring up a pesky headache or the flu. This embarrassment leads us to the internet, where we can do research in private and remained unjudged. The problem here is that the World Wide Web is teeming with misinformation on every subject under the sun and the delicate subject of constipation is no exception. How are we to tell the difference between a completely valid remedy and pointless hocus-pocus? One way is to rely on natural cures, and coconut oil is a perfect example of a simple and effective way to battle constipation.

As with most ailments a change to lifestyle can make all the difference in the world. When we treat our body like the machine that it is and perform all the right upkeep we feel better physically and mentally. But sometimes we need to think outside the box and find new ways to enhance our well-being. Coconut oil can act as that little boost we need. This magic elixir can bring all kinds of health benefits. Parts of the world where people consume an above-average amount of coconuts have healthier citizens.

How coconut oil can help you?

Digestive issues can really wreak havoc on the lives of the people who deal with them. It can be hard to live in the moment and enjoy life when you are in a constant state of worry over impending doom if your inner pipes get too far out of whack. For this reason, there are a number of pharmaceutical cures in existence that can help alleviate many of these symptoms and for those dealing with serious digestive issues, it is best to seek out a professional opinion. Luckily the majority of us do not fall into this category, our lives are merely inconvenienced by occasional digestive issues. Regardless of where we are at on the spectrum, integrating coconut oil into our daily routine can change everything.

So why is coconut oil the answer? Because it contains a very high amount of, wait for it, medium-chain triglycerides. Okay, so what in the world does that mean exactly and what do they have to do with constipation? MCT’s (as we will refer to them from now on for the sake of brevity) are fats that are unique. They are more easily digested than other fats and for this reason, adding more of them to your diet can help with constipation, which is an illness where waste in the large intestine is not evacuated at the proper rate of speed and thus causes trouble and sometimes pain. MCTs are commercially available and the best source is coconut oil. This can be integrated into our diets in various forms all of which are equally effective. There might be a period of trial and error when we first introduce the oil because we need to find the right amount.

When it comes to constipation we might introduce too much coconut oil and go a bit overboard. This mistake has the tendency to have the opposite effect on our bowels, instead of not being able to defecate at all diarrhoea is a common symptom. Everyone’s body is different and as a result, fine-tuning is required. The middle path is always best, so when you first introduce coconut oil be acutely aware of how your body is handling the MCTs and take more or less as a result. It might help to keep a journal for the first few weeks where you can document the times you take coconut oil, the amount you take, the particular mode of delivery (whether it is a pill form or maybe putting it in food). Over time you can reference your journal and find out exactly what works for you and continue on to perfect your body’s inner activity. Constipation can go from a minor issue to something altogether more serious and anyone who has struggled with it knows that any remedy, as long as it is safe, is worth a shot. Coconut oil is completely safe and extremely effective.

Now that we have gone over some of the scientific facts regarding Coconut oil it is important to think about how we are going to integrate the stuff into our daily lives. Thankfully coconut oil is versatile and can act as a substitute for a number of food products that we already use multiple times a day. The trick will be to diversify the ways in which we use it so as to be able to maintain our regimen. If we hope to reap the benefits then we will have to be consistent, just taking it a couple of time will not produce the desired effects and ameliorate our constipation. Consistency is the key.

The easiest but least exciting way of consuming coconut oil is by the spoonful. Make sure that you meticulously measure out how much is actually in the spoon, do not just haphazardly taking shots of the stuff every morning because it will make it difficult to track what portion is having the most positive impact. Start with a half tablespoon twice a day, morning and night, and from there add and decrease the amount depending on the effects it is having. Start with a low amount and work your way up to more, just taking a large quantity of coconut oil from the gate might cause diarrhoea.

Then you can bake and cook with the stuff. A simpler way is to use it as a butter substitute. Make your breakfasts a little more exotic by spreading it a muffin or using it as a non-stick element on your frying pan. Once you have figured out the amount that works for you to experiment a bit and discover new ways to use wonderful coconut oil.

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