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There are a lot of benefits to using coconut oil – a combination of fatty acids in the oil has a strong therapeutic effect. One can only envy the health benefits of nations who use coconut oil in large quantities. If you want to use coconut oil for beauty or food in a pure form, choose natural, unrefined coconut oil, which has retained all of its best useful properties. There are a lot of different uses for coconut oil, and here are a few of them.

Coconut oil for skin

Of course, coconut oil can be and must be used for skin. It may be applied by itself at its pure form on the skin. Coconut oil is one of the best remedies for dry and irritated skin. In 2013, the International Journal of Dermatology found that unprocessed coconut oil strengthens the skin barrier for patients with Atopic Dermatitis. Therefore, even the slightest amount of coconut oil improves the skin and helps it become healthy. There is a very good recipe for a home spa that anyone can prepare. To make this recipe, you will need coconut oil and oat flakes, which everyone probably has at home. You need to mix 2-3 tablespoons of oat flakes with coconut oil and put it all in a cheesecloth bag and proceed to massage face or body, or any particularly dry areas of skin, with the bag. It will not only be useful but also pleasant. The active ingredients in the oat flakes and coconut oil will help restore the skin and normalize its pH balance. As a result, your skin will be soft, silky, and enjoyable to touch.

Coconut oil for hair

The second and just as indispensable way that women use coconut oil all over the world for centuries is for their hair. In 2003, the Journal of Scientific Cosmetology proved that coconut oil can penetrate the hair cuticle due to the structure of its fatty acids. Therefore, it is very useful to use a coconut oil mask for hair overnight, if you have any problems. Usually, coconut oil is very solid, so it is recommended to melt it in a bain-marie so that it becomes soft. After it is softened, spread on heir from the roots to the tips. Then you should put up your hair, cover it with some waterproof bag or cap for the night and go to sleep. In the morning wash it all with shampoo. Women who use these masks are aware that it is an excellent effect on their hair condition.

Coconut oil for cooking

The next use of coconut oil is for cooking. If you have never eaten coconut oil, it’s time to start! If you prefer fried food, it is better to use coconut oil. Other oils, such as sunflower or olive oil, form carcinogens when hot, but coconut oil does not form harmful substances while being heated up. Coconut oil can be used as a salad dressing. You must know that coconut oil increases your energy expenditure throughout the day by 5%. The fatty acids in coconut oil reduce appetite, so it can be used as an auxiliary element for weight control. Coconut oil will replace butter and even cow’s milk. People who love coffee, but cannot enjoy it by itself because of heartburn or because it is too bitter for them, can add a spoonful of coconut oil to soften the taste and the effect on the stomach.

Coconut oil as a deodorant

Coconut oil can also be used as a deodorant. It protects against sweat. And you can make a 100% natural deodorant by yourself at home. To do it, you will need 50 grams of beeswax, 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil, 10-15 drops of tea tree oil and 10-15 drops of any essential oil. First, it is necessary to melt the beeswax in a bain-marie, and then add cocoa butter in solid form. When it dissolves, it is necessary to remove the container from the heat and add 10-15 drops of tea tree oil and 10-15 drops of, for example, eucalyptus. The final mixture should be carefully poured into an old deodorant container. When it cools down, put it in the fridge. The deodorant will harden, and it can be used as a daily deodorant with 100% certainty.

Coconut oil for teeth whitening

Another great way to use coconut oil is for the teeth. After brushing your teeth, grease them with some coconut oil. It perfectly protects and also slightly whitens your teeth. So, spend 10 seconds a day to make your smile unforgettable!

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